Vn88 News: Iran’s No. 1 goalkeeper broke his nose in horror in the match against England

Information was posted by vn88 as soon as the match started a few minutes ago, Iran’s goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand suffered a serious injury in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup against England. This 30-year-old ‘keeper’ had to leave the field on a stretcher.

In the 8th minute of the match between England and Iran, the goalkeeper Beiranvand on the West Asian side bled a lot after a strong collision with his teammates. After receiving first aid, the goalkeeper continued to play but was stunned and had to leave the field on a stretcher. Beiranvand no longer has the sanity to play football.

Absence of Alireza Beiranvand is a great loss for the Iranian team. In the Asian qualifiers, Iran only conceded 4 times in 10 matches. This goalkeeper also shined in the 2018 World Cup, although Iran did not pass the group stage.

Comments by He was the one who pushed Ronaldo’s penalty in the match against Portugal that year. He is also the goalkeeper on the list with the best save success rate.

Beiranvand has always been a reliable stop in Iran’s goal. In addition, the 1m94 tall goalkeeper also has an impressive handball ability. In the match between Iran and South Korea in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, he set the Guinness World Record for the longest throw of the ball, up to 61.66 m – that is equal to many other colleagues who kick the ball with their feet.

Hopefully, Iran’s goalkeeper will quickly return to strengthen the home team’s defense in the remaining 2 matches of the group stage.

Fan Muhammad Hossein used to work as a construction worker to build a subway station in Doha – part of a project to build transport infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. And now, he is working at the station as a manager. how to be a gatekeeper. “To be able to host the World Cup for the first time is a huge deal for Qatar. I never thought I would contribute a part of my energy to serve this tournament. It’s great to be a member of the team. important part of this country,” shared vn88cx.

“Qatar doesn’t have the subways or buses that you see on the road. All those tall buildings, highways or other transport facilities would probably not exist if this huge football event didn’t take place. I’m happy to say that migrant workers have played a big role,” said Peter, a worker from India. “In this lifetime, my country probably won’t qualify for or host the World Cup.”

The ball fascinates the hearts of all walks of life. Sitting next to each other, between them only sharing the same football language, watching the players’ footsteps, the joy that comes when your favorite team has a goal or share the sadness of defeat. with vn88cx. Then when the match ended, it was also late at night, the migrant workers took advantage of a nap to regenerate energy for the new working day. The joy of football is only small in life, but it will add optimism to the workers to continue their journey, for the “dream of changing” life in a country that is always condemned for human rights and exploitation. labor.

Lionel Messi and coach Scaloni were the two characters who attended the press conference before the opening match of the World Cup 2022 of Argentina. The confrontation with Saudi Arabia at 5pm today is forecasted to be a “gentle warm-up” for Argentina because their opponent is completely weaker. Remember in the opening match of the 2018 World Cup, Saudi Arabia lost heavily to Russia 0-5.

A similar outcome is expected to reappear, especially when Argentina is playing very well with a 36-match streak without losing in the past 3 years. Recently, according to statistics from Vn88, they beat the UAE 5-0. But there is a bit of worry because in the latest training session, people see Messi having to practice separately. He moved uneasily with his swollen ankle.

Reporters asked about this. But Messi said there was nothing to worry about: “I feel very good physically. I’m reaching my peak, both physically and mentally. It’s true that I have to practice alone, but it’s just a precaution, nothing out of the ordinary. I always take care of myself like I have always done throughout my career.”

With a spirit of fullness, Messi announced that he and his teammates would aim for 3 points on the opening day. “I feel very excited and excited about this new start at the World Cup,” he stressed. the best way to get the best result is 3 points”.

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