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Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Pro-Level Marketing

Like all other businesses, real estate also needs good marketing so that the business can grow and gain the attention of people. Good marketing will help the realtor to get more clients and make more money. But, to do that, a realtor needs an efficient marketing strategy or a plan. In that case, use these marketing techniques. I hope this will help you.

Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Techniques

Follow these ideas for your real estate’s marketing:

Use Zillow

The best platform for marketing your real estate business would be online. That is because more than 90% of home buyers try to find houses online. It’s not a made-up fact; it’s according to the NAR, or should I say National Association of Realtor. So, you can see the number there; that’s why you should consider marketing your business online.

Social Media

Social media platforms are the best platforms for marketing and promoting any business. So, it could help a lot with your real estate marketing and will generate a huge number of customers too. That is because millions of people use Social Media like Facebook (2.38billion+ users), Instagram (1billion+ users), Twitter (326million+ users), etc. These are the popular ones.

Create a Website

Since you are marketing your real estate online, you have to create a website that has all the details of your service and the properties that you like to sell. You have to create a user-friendly website by doing good SEO. If you can’t, then hire a handy buddy.

Create a Business Card

A business card would also be a good thing for marketing your real estate business. You have to manually give your card to others that can be property sellers, agents, investors, plus all the people near you because, in the future, they can sell their property too.

But, the thing I will recommend you is to make a killer business card that has all the info about your service and contact.

Virtual Tour

Most of the clients like to see the property instead of seeing photos, and I honestly like to see any property too. But, for the shortage of time, may people. So, it would be a great idea to make a virtual tour for them so that they can see the property in a video.

There are lots of platforms that allow people to make videos and upload them on the internet. For example, YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms where you can create your channel and upload videos of the property, and attach details and contact info on the description.

Instagram Story

Take advantage of the Instagram story. I have already told you that this social site has more than 1 billion users. But, among those users, 500 million people daily use this platform and upload their stories.

You can make it useful for you and take some of the photos or video of your property and upload on the Instagram story. This way, you will get many clients and will be able to promote your business too.

The Bottom Line

Make a good marketing plan. That is because more than 2 million active real estate licenses are available in the US, according to “” So, you can see the competition. To compete with them, you must make the best marketing strategy.

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