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If you want a free platform where you can share anything and find anything, then Reddit is the most suitable one for you. Now, it is free to use platform, and it is easy to use as well. You only have to download and login into this platform, and you are done.

About Reddit

Reddit Official App is the official app from the giant forum Reddit, one of the largest online communities of Internet users and one of the most popular sites for discussing current issues. It also includes pictures of almost anything you can think of. Now, this official app has taken a long time to get to Android, more than people would like, but it includes almost all the features you could want in a really nice Material Design style. You can also choose between the typical white Reddit theme and a dark one.

However, it carries many interesting features, one of which is the possibility to have more than one user account on the same app. Just log in with your different accounts, and then you can switch back and forth at any time. Another interesting feature lets you blur the NSFW content or deactivate image previews. Besides, Reddit Official App is a solid app, and that’s wonderful news for those who use this forum. It took long enough, but it was worth it in the end.

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The features of this app are as follows:

Account Switcher

You can store username/password pairs and switch accounts instantly while browsing Reddit!

Show Comment Karma

It can Show your comment karma next to your link karma.

Username Hider

It hides your real username when you’re logged in to Reddit.

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Comment Navigator

It provides a comment navigation tool to easily find comments by OP, mod, etc.

Hide All Child Comments

It allows you to hide all comments except for replies to the OP for easier reading.

Live Comment Preview

It provides a live preview of comments, as well as shortcuts for easier markdown.

New Comment Count

It shows how many new comments there are since your last visit.

Save Comments

Allows you to save comments locally to easily view them in the future!

Show Parent on Hover

It shows parent comment when hovering over the “parent” link of a comment.

Spam Button

Adds a Spam button to posts for easy reporting.

Keyboard Navigation

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Upvote, downvote, hide posts, and most other major Reddit actions using only the keyboard. Fully remappable!

Never Ending Reddit

It gives you a never-ending stream of Reddit goodness- Just keep scrolling down, and content loads automatically!

Style Tweaks

Provides a number of style tweaks to the Reddit interface, such as rounded comment boxes, colorblind friendliness, and moving the username bar.

How to Download and Install Reddit?

You can follow these steps to download and install the game:

Step-1: Go to Google PlayStore.

Step-2: Type Reddit on the search box on the PlayStore.

Step-3: Press on the Install button.

Step-4: Wait for a second, and you are done.


I am one of the best social media platforms where you will be able to find, share and find anything. Besides, it is free to use as well.

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