What is Bai Ton – The rules and how to play Ton at New88 are super simple

Bai Ton, a card game associated with exciting moments of entertainment, has become an indispensable part of card playing culture. Known for its simple yet challenging rules, card games attract players of all ages and levels. In this article, we will introduce in detail about card game – from its origin, how to play, to the basic rules, especially how to play at Nhà Cái Trực Tuyến New88.

What is an attack song?

Bai Ton is an attractive and interesting game, played by 2 to 4 people and using a deck of 52 cards. To understand how to play card game, the most important thing is to know clearly about the cards and how to arrange them in order of importance.

In the card game, the cards are arranged in order from smallest to largest, starting with card number 2 and ending with the ace, in which the ace is the card with the greatest value. The cards K, Q and J also have different names depending on the region or personal preference, such as K can be called “ca” or “old”, Q can be called “quy” or “gi”. girder”, J can be “gi” or “bui”. This is the basic knowledge that players need to master before participating in this attractive and stimulating game.

The origin of the song attack

“Bai Ton”, also known as Durak in Russian, is an attractive and challenging card game that has developed widely and become an indispensable part of Chinese card playing culture. many countries, including Vietnam.

The origin of this game is from Russia, and Durak means “fool” in Russian, somewhat reflecting the nature of the game, where the last loser is often considered ‘Durak’. This game is loved because of its simplicity but at the same time requires quick thinking and strategy.

When card playing spread to Vietnam, it was modified and developed in a way that was suitable for the culture and card playing habits of Vietnamese people. Although retaining many of the basic rules from

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Latest updated card playing rules 2023

To be successful in card games, bettors need to pay attention to some of the following rules:

Regulations on attacks

Number of players: Minimum 2 people, play counter-clockwise.

How to determine the owner: Deal 8 cards to each person, the remaining cards are face down. Pick a random card and place it face up under the face down cards, this card determines the main suit. The suit of the face-up card rules, with 2 being the lowest and Ace being the highest.

How to deal cards in Tan

The cards are dealt counterclockwise, each player receives 8 cards. A representative player will draw one more card to determine the main suit of the hand. Bettors should arrange cards in a fan shape and gradually decrease in value. The pawns should be kept separate to avoid making mistakes. Use odd pieces to attack or block if necessary.

How to play cards in Tan

  • Each turn, players place one or more cards down, depending on their turn and strategy.
  • The card placed down must be of higher value or quality than the card previously played.
  • Players can block or attack opponents by placing appropriate cards.
  • If a player cannot or does not want to play, they can skip their turn by shouting “stop”.

Rules for playing Tan cards

In addition, to better understand the attack, you should pay attention to the following rules:

Change two jar

KWhen drawing a card that determines the suit and someone owns a two-card, this person can exchange the two suits for the card that determines the suit. This is not required and must be done before the game begins. If a player decides to switch, they lose their turn and the next person gets to go first.

Worship the owner

The loser of the previous game must offer the highest trump card to the winner. The recipient of the offering has the right to check to make sure it is the largest master card. After offering, the worshiper picks up one more card to have 8 cards, and the recipient starts a new game with 9 cards.

Discharge master

If a player does not have a owner after the first deal, they can fold the cards to redeal. The dealer will divide the 16 cards into two sets of 8 cards and the player chooses one of the two. The unselected deck will be shuffled back into the main deck.

White win

If the player picks up eight trump cards from the start, they are declared a winner. This must be determined before starting play. If a player has flushed the cards once and then draws eight trumps, this does not count as a blank win.


If the person who turns over the new hand turns over the same hand as the previous game 3 times in a row, they will be declared a loser and must turn over the new hand to another bettor.

How to calculate money when playing Tan card game

Each bookmaker has its own regulations on how to calculate money when playing cards, and New88 is no exception. The winning player (who runs out of cards first) will receive part or all of the bet from the remaining players. The winning amount can be divided according to the betting ratio that the bettor has chosen.

Tips for playing undefeated cards for bettors

The skill of playing cards does not stop at understanding the rules and basic principles, but also includes developing tactics and subtle observation abilities. Here are some tips to help you improve your card playing skills, turning you into a formidable opponent:

  • Always keep your mind focused on the match. Carefully observe the cards your opponents play so you can block them effectively. Remember, the fewer cards you keep in your hand, the more your chances of winning increase.
  • Use your attack cards wisely. Holding on to high-value cards can be helpful, but it’s also important to consider the right time to use them.
  • In a 4-player game, the ability to memorize cards is extremely important, especially when the game is coming to an end. Knowing the remaining cards in your opponent’s hand helps you build a more effective strategy and gain an advantage.
  • Although skills are important, in any “red and black” game, the element of luck is always an indispensable part. Let’s hope luck will smile on you.

Remember, the main goal of playing ton is for entertainment and enjoyment. Win or lose, make sure you enjoy the game and learn from each game.


Through the article, we hope you have had a clear and profound view of the card game, a game that is not simply entertaining but also an interesting way to practice thinking and strategic skills. With specific and easy-to-understand instructions at New88, everyone can easily learn how to play and participate in exciting card games.

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