Why Get Certified in Selenium?

In a time when websites handle incomprehensible volumes of critical traffic, Selenium is a must-have as it makes testing automated to identify problems before they lead to catastrophes which results in experts who have been trained in Selenium being sought-after.

Selenium is a testing platform that tests software for web-based applications. It evaluates the performance and the graphical user interface (GUI) of websites by using an automated script that instructs the browser to take actions that app or web users are expected to perform. Selenium is a highly efficient method of creating tests scripts and then utilizing them within an automation framework. Consider taking a selenium online training to deepen your understanding and skills.

Online Selenium classes taught by skilled professionals are accessible, and you can incorporate them into your busy schedule as you are working. When you’re finished and you’ve earned the Selenium certification, help you start an entirely new career or take your current job to the next level whether in the field of quality assurance or automation engineering.

Since its introduction through Jason Huggins in 2004, Selenium has experienced a dramatic change over the years and has added various components throughout the years to enhance its effectiveness. There are four components to Selenium: Selenium RC (Remote Control) is also known by the name of Selenium 1, Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Selenium Grid Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium WebDriver.

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The many benefits of Selenium

A variety of automation tools provide the same results as Selenium however, Selenium provides a range of advantages that make it the top software-based testing suite. These benefits include:

  • It’s fairly easy to start using Selenium, and you can perform basic functional testing of web-based apps.

  • Selenium is an open-source program and the source code is able to be downloaded and modified at any time and widely supported by a wide developer community.

  • Selenium tests are able to be run in a variety of browsers.

  • Selenium is compatible with different operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and more.

  • While it does have its own scripting language, it is free to use bindings for languages to work with any language you feel familiar with, such as JavaScript, Python, PHP along C#.

  • Selenium can be used on mobile devices and can be used to test iPhone or Android-based app testing.

  • There is minimal use of RAM or CPU when running scripts during conducting tests.

  • Selenium can be easily integrated with other open-source software tools to add features.

  • Selenium can run tests on a parallel basis.

  • Selenium is able to run tests even when the browser is shut down.

  • Selenium has a great deal of extensibility.

  • Additionally, it is extremely adaptable. To tailor your automation for testing There are a variety of ways to enhance the functionality of Selenium’s framework, as well as its test scripts.

Where and when can Selenium Utilized

With the number of mobile and desktop apps that are constantly updated and released developers need to build software in a short time, yet not compromise on quality. In the age of high-responsive and interconnected software processes, multinational companies are challenged to constantly improve their performance and speedily resolve major problems. This is the reason they’ve adopted agile methods for their software development.

The core of agile design is the automation of tests. Since it is a free and open-source testing tool with a vast scope and capabilities, Selenium is the preferred test automation tool. Selenium is a tool that can run repetitive functional tests by checking software applications against the requirements of the business to ensure that the features function exactly as they ought to.

With the use of Selenium, organizations can cut down on the need for manual testing. This can reduce costs is time-saving, assures that tests are carried out in a consistent manner, and provides faster feedback. Examples for Selenium tests include:

  • GUI testing

  • Functional testing at the core

  • Testing cross-browser compatibility

  • Testing E2E

  • Sanity tests

  • Business process testing

  • Regression testing

  • DB testing

  • Testing usability

Professionals in Quality Assurance use Selenium to conduct regression tests or cross-browser testing across every platform. This includes all kinds of functional and acceptance testing as well as testing. Developers employ Selenium to test browser regressions. Even functional analysts and business analysts testers utilize Selenium.

The Reasons to Be Certified in Selenium

If you’re searching for motives Engineers as well as Software developers need to be certified in Selenium You’ll likely consider a career that involves Selenium abilities as a good option. When you’re already an experienced tester you’re seeing the need for manual testing and recognize that you require training on the automated tests. If you’re still not a tester but you’re able to think of the possibility of developing these abilities.

Selenium has taken the world of testing with a vengeance and has since evolved into an overwhelming force, resulting in an immense demand for qualified professionals, which has made Selenium testing a highly profitable skill. In job advertisements, Selenium is listed as an essential requirement for the job three times more frequently than other automated tools like QTP. They also pay well due to the fact that the workers competent to take them on are not in abundance. Based on, the average wage for a Selenium tester in the U.S. ranges from $67,073 annually for an analyst for quality assurance up to $94,634 annually for an Automation Engineer.


But, getting one of these jobs, you need the right skills and training. The ability to work in Selenium is a sign that you’ve got a lot of programming knowledge, abilities, and knowledge. The most efficient way to attain the proficiency you need is to undergo training in addition to certification. If you are thinking that you’re not able to pursue this type of training, consider reconsidering your thinking.

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