Are AWS Certifications Worth It?

AWS (Amazon Web Services), a cloud computing platform Amazon offers, is comprehensive and in constant development. It includes the platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure as an (IaaS), and packaged software as a (SaaS). Organizational tools such as database storage, content delivery services, and computer power are all offered as a part of the AWS services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers several tools and solutions now made available to enterprises and software developers. These are utilized in data centers of over 190 countries. The services of AWS are made available to government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits, and private organizations.

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How Does AWS Work?

Each of the AWS services can be separated and configured based on the user’s needs. The users of AWS would be able to see individual server maps and other configuration options.

There are more than 100 services in the portfolio of AWS; these include computing, databases, infrastructure management, and application development. The services are sorted by category as:

  • Calculate
  • Storage databases
  • Data management
  • Migration
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Networking
  • Tools for development
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Governance
  • Big data management
  • Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Mobile development
  • Notifications and messages

AWS certifications can be a good investment if you are unsure if they are worth the effort:

  • More cloud certifications have resulted in a significant increase in the average salary for 80% of respondents.
  • 52% of cloud certifications have expanded their career options.
  • IT professionals who have received new skills and certifications get an average raise of $12,000-13,000.

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Are AWS Certifications In High Demand?

AWS certifications are highly sought after because cloud skills are in high demand. Our State of Cloud report finds:

  • 82% of hiring managers agree that cloud certifications make candidates more attractive.
  • 87% of managers value certifications and hands-on experience. When evaluating candidates, it is better to have a university degree.

Today, there is a shortage of AWS professionals who are certified. Cloud skills can help you earn high salaries.

The CBRE report of 2020 explains that the need for cloud skills has been growing at 12% a year for the past 12 months. The report also states that the average turnover rate for employees with these skills is 42%. This is another indication of strong hiring demand.

Cloud skills are in high demand. LinkedIn lists cloud computing as one the most in-demand skills for six years straight. This means that the future prospects for cloud-skilled employees are bright.

What Is The Average AWS Certification Wage?

AWS certifications are one of the highest paying certifications and a certified AWS professional can get an average salary of more than $100,000.

  • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate-level certification pays a median salary of $149,446.
  • According to LinkedIn, in March 2021 Cloud engineers make an average salary of $117 668.
  • CBRE reports suggest that things could be even sweeter. The average salary for cloud computing professionals is $153,500

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Are AWS Certifications A Great Idea?

Although there are many benefits to the AWS training online, it is not the only benefit. Certifications can be used to improve your career and increase your pay.

However, just having certifications won’t guarantee you a job. You will adapt a wide knowledge base and may be able to land interviews. They can also help you get jobs, specifically with MSPs.

Questioning the number of certifications required for a job as a cloud professional might not seem appropriate as several tech professionals believe that just because you have a certification does not mean that you have proficiency in those skills.

AWS certifications are not the ultimate goal for most people unless you want to complete all 11. AWS certifications can be a tool for your goal. Perhaps it’s a new job, a promotion, or expanding your skills.

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