Follow These Regularly for the Best SSC GD Preparation

The SSC GD is one of the most sought-after exams in India. The number of people appearing for this exam and the number of vacancies available makes it a Herculean task to clear the SSC General Duty Constable Exam in one go. Hence, there has to be a clear-cut strategy in place that should be executed carefully if a candidate needs to increase their chance of clearing the SSC GD Exam.

The Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC GD exam annually. SSC, through its official exam calendar, has announced the exam date of Constable GD. The SSC GD 2022 exam notification is tentatively scheduled to be released on 22 February 2023. All the aspirants of the SSC GD Constable examination can keep track of the SSC GD online form 2022 to fill out the application form as and when the notification is out.

Consistency and confidence are two pillars that support candidates during their GD preparation. The preparation for the GD Constable exam can be a smoother ride only if candidates plan to go the extra mile and put in their hundred per cent by following the below-mentioned points routinely. Below-given are important tips that candidates must ingrain in their GD exam preparation strategy.

7 Things to be Followed Regularly for Comprehensive GD Preparation

  1. Read books, magazines and newspapers regularly – Read one newspaper, like The Hindu, which provides fairly good analysis in the editorial pages. Reading those not only increases your power to analyse a particular subject, but it also helps in improving your language and writing skills. Read limited books. Don’t overburden yourself with all the books available in the market; rather, stick to the best books available in the market for a particular subject. On top of that, read important magazines, like India Year book and Pratiyogita Darpan, for the awareness part of the exam. Sticking to these magazines and newspapers should make your preparation very strong and help you prepare in the right direction.
  2. Making notes – It is very important to make short notes during preparation, especially in the context of the GD examination. One cannot hope to gain success in the examination without intensive study and without preparing their own notes and revising them regularly. Candidates should gain conceptual clarity and organise their view, perception, and thoughts in a flawless manner. Short note making is one of the best ways to achieve it. Before preparing the notes, you should be familiar with the authentic books related to the topic. Reading an authentic book does not mean you need to extract the whole essence of the book. Pick out only the relevant information needed for the exam.
  3. Management of time – Time management is the key to success. One who is able to make efficient use of time can become a winner. Do not make the mistake of making tough targets for a short time period of time. Focus on the topics properly and understand them deeply rather than attempting to learn things in a limited time. It is very difficult to complete the syllabus in a limited time period, but if one follows the right strategy and organises time, then one can easily cover the major portion of it.
  4. Calm your mind and body – Keep your mind and body fit and healthy. Yoga is the most effective stress-buster, and its practice will take you a long way in your life. Sleeping is not a waste of time when you do it at the right time and for the required number of hours. Rather, lack of sleep will cause havoc to your system and also tire you out badly, leaving you with no energy and will to study.
  5. Mock tests and sample papers – To succeed in the GD Constable exam, just understanding is not adequate. Aspirants should be acquainted with the kind of questions asked. They need to know how to avoid negative marks, and how to increase the possibility of marking the right answers even for those questions that candidates are uncertain about. By practising the mock tests and solving previous years’ papers, only that skill can be developed. While taking more mock tests and practising past year papers, candidates come across several new questions and concepts.
  6. Healthy diet – Only if health is in good condition the mind will function at optimum levels, and one will have the energy to put in long hours of preparation. Hence, eat healthy food like fruits, veggies and nuts. You should avoid junk food. Junk food is known to be a cause of depression too. You should make conscious efforts to eat healthy food whenever you feel hungry.
  7. Revision – Aspirants should have a meticulously designed study plan, as well as a revision plan for General Duty Constable exam preparation. Aspirants should make sure that their revision plan corresponds with their study plan. It means that when an aspirant sits to study one topic, they should not forget the revision of previous topics. As the preparation moves to an advanced stage, it would not be easy to recollect all the pertinent information needed to answer the questions. Hence, one needs to keep revising one’s personal notes on a regular basis and keep recollecting.

Start with a clean and fresh mind. Remove all doubts about yourself and misconceptions about the exam. Make sure to stick to your routine. When you feel like straying, remind yourself of your goals. Avoid distractions both in the form of humans and gadgets. In your pursuit of exam preparation, don’t turn into a hermit. Take occasional breaks, but spend it wisely. Eat right, sleep well, and stay fit. Your GD exam preparation will be a smooth ride for sure. For assistance, go through the SSC GD Syllabus given here in detail.

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