Want new customers faster? Choose a compelling domain name for your e-commerce business

Most people consider a well-designed and developed website along with the latest SEO strategies are the most important parts of starting an ecommerce business. However, they miss the initial thing that starts your website on the right path. 

The scenario: 

You have chosen to start an e-commerce website that contains all of your products/services. You have hired the developers, designers, and digital marketers to make it happen. What about choosing the domain name of your website? Picking the right domain plays a pivotal role in terms of drawing more traffic to your website. In turn, it opens up more avenues to make more sales. 

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Not every domain will meet your expectations. So, how would you choose the domain name for your e-commerce business? We’ll figure this out today. 

Why is an enticing domain name important for your brand?

Domain names are intertwined with your overall site aesthetic and logo. To make things work smoothly,  you must pick a domain name that goes hand-to-hand with your brand name. You need to understand your audience and based on that you could start earning trust among your customers related to your brand. If people don’t trust your brand, they won’t buy. It’s plain and simple. 

Before choosing the domain name for your brand, answer the following questions-

  • Are you choosing easy domain names for the sake of your customers? 
  • Do you want to include a particular keyword in your domain name? 
  • Do you have any budget constraints? An unregistered domain may not be expensive, but an established domain could be a bit high-priced. 

1. Keep your domain name short & simple

As choosing the domain name for your business is a long-term investment, you may need to think about how you can use the domain name for upcoming months and years. The shorter your name, the better it is. 

Let’s consider this scenario. You own a skincare business and the name of your brand is ‘the bunches of herbals’. All you need to do is remove all the unnecessary verbiage like ‘the’. Instead, you can produce a site domain like- Try to keep your domain name within 20 characters.  Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

2. Choose a domain name that blends well with SEO

For your business, SEO plays the most pivotal part in order to make your website visible to the audience. It determines the amount of organic traffic that will be driven to your website and other ranking factors. To maximize the effect, you should pick a domain that helps your SEO. 

If you’re looking for organic traffic, a targeted keyword in the domain name could be a huge advantage for you. Having an exact match domain name is an indicator that your website name is highly relevant. However, if you find that the exact match domain name is already taken, you can target a keyword that is synonymous with your domain name. If the main keywords are longer, then you can choose shorter synonyms. 

Some suggestions for e-commerce domain name suffixes

  • Outlet
  • Mart
  • Shop
  • Emporium 
  • Market

There are few tools that can combine the list of root keywords along with the prefix or suffix words to make the entire process easier. You just need to add root keywords separated by commas along with the appended words. 

3. Pick up something easy to spell & pronounce 

Irrespective of your business’s nature, your business website domain name should be easy to spell. If your domain name is hard to spell and pronounce, the audience may have a hard time remembering the same. If people can easily pronounce and spell it, chances are higher that it will spread wider by word-of-mouth.

4. Refrain using double letters 

You may lose traffic if you’re using double letters in your domain name. Not only are they hard to pronounce, but it’s also difficult to remember and type correctly. Therefore, avoid using the double letters in your domain name. Also, this can lead to users frequently mistyping it by leaving out a letter, sending them somewhere else. 

5. Check the domain history

If you choose an existing domain name, then this point is crucial for you. You should check the domain history for the past months to check if everything is going right there. 

6. Target your locality 

You don’t need to focus globally when you can achieve growth by targeting the local market. To do this, you can get a domain name that has the same localized web address extension. For example, if you want to get a higher ranking in the search results for Australia, you need to get a .AU extension in the domain name. It will help you to achieve trustworthiness among the local users. 


Did you catch the ultimate goal? It all rests on making your website successful by choosing a domain name. It will increase customer value and the overall experience of buyer and seller. Introducing these best practices today gets the result in little to no time. 

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