Popular Buildings Of Dubai

Dubai is very beautiful in structure. The high-rise buildings of Dubai give it a new kind of scenery. This scenery is quite enjoyable. You will never want to leave Dubai after seeing this scene. The building is arranged in such a manner that the viewer would be very happy to see it.

These high-rise buildings give world-level commerce to Dubai. If you are lanning to go around Dubai then travelling is the major issue, check online to rent a car as per your budget and planning. There are many many companies have their online presence such as to book your car rental in Dubai. The rental car services will help the tourist to enjoy their time in Dubai. If the tourist wants to stop the car and see the buildings then the viewers can stop their rental cars anytime anywhere.

Best Buildings To Visit

Some of the best buildings that the tourist needs to visit are the following.

Burj Khalifa 

It is one of the marvels of Dubai. This building has a height of 829.8 m. 1.5 billion U.S dollars are used on these buildings. It is the tallest building in Dubai. 163 floors are in this buildings. New years and different big events celebrations are also done in these Buildings. The no of lifts in this building is 57.

People over all over the world come to this place and enjoy the celebrations. It also gives rise to the people coming again next year. This wonder is also seen all around Dubai. Burj Khalifa gave rise to a new definition to build bigger buildings. It gave courage to the engineers.

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Burj Al Arab

It is another popular building in Dubai. These buildings also need to be seen. It is designed in such a manner that it’s like a sail of a ship. This building is constructed on the sea. As different parts of Dubai are constructed on artificial land. This building is also constructed on such type of land.

There is also a helipad on the top of this building which is very convenient. There are 56 floors in this building. If the tourist didn’t visit this building then they didn’t see Dubai. 1 billion U.S dollars are used to construct this building.

Cayan Tower

It is a residential type of building. It is also popular in Dubai. it is also known as infinity tower. The total number of stories in this buildings is 73. This building has a twist of 90 degrees. There are 7 lifts in this building.

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Princess Tower

The Princess is also a building to visit. The total number of stories in this building is 101. According to the height, this building has a rank of 29th. Imagine visiting a world-class place. People would want to visit this place. The total number of this building is 13. It can park up to 957 vehicles.

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