Tips when Renting in the Emerald City, Seattle

Seattle, the Emerald City has the natural beauty of both mountains and
water on two sides. The scenery and proximity to nature are one of the biggest draws for residents and perhaps they contribute to Seattle’s inherent attitude: one of calm and patience.

Seattle, home to an urban forest with around 4.35 million trees and tree-like shrubs is a haven for nature lovers. There are more or less 130,000 trees along the city streets. The city has a rainy reputation, but residents can always enjoy the outdoors on a summer and sunny spring by hiking and kayaking.

Seattle is one of the most-liked cities in the United States and one of the most attractive settlements in the country. The city is also listed as the 19th best place to live in the country for its natural splendor, eclectic cultural diversity and a rich social scene.

Home to very well-known giants Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle draws professionals from around the world which contributes to a vibrant and growing tech industry in the city. There are a lot of career opportunities in cloud computing, data analytics and cybersecurity that can be found in Seattle. They are the prime factors that entice a lot of people to move or relocate despite the rising cost of living in the city. Moving in the city does not only mean new life and experiences but also high rent and food costs, so if you’re planning to relocate, you might want to consider renting first to be better off. Finding roommates in Seattle might even make more sense to save on rent.

Check out these tips when renting in Seattle.

Compared to other US cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle is more expensive when it comes to rent. It is the third most expensive city in the country so if you choose to live in the city, make sure you’re prepared to pay a little extra. Despite being expensive, more households (around 53% of more or less 332,000 households) in the city is renter occupied. This shows that residents still prefer renting an apartment than buying a house in the city.

A quick visit at Zumper will give you a more accurate idea about Seattle’s rental landscape. By the way, Zumper is a rental listing site and one of the largest and fastest-growing rental platform in North America.

A data from the site shows that compared last year, there was a 26% increase in the average rent of a 1-bedroom apartment in Seattle which is currently $1,895. For a studio apartment, there was a 13% increase to $1,272; 31% to $2,606 for 2-bedroom; 19% for 3-beds to $3,275; and a slight increase of 9% for 4-bedroom apartment to $3495.

Looking at Zumper’s Market Summary for Seattle, these are the number of available apartments for rent: there are 753 studio type, 1,465 for 1-bedroom apartment, 700 for 2-bedroom, 172 for 3-bedroom, and 82 for 4-bedroom apartments. All types of apartments have increased their rental price within a year.

Meanwhile, these are the neighborhood with the lowest rental prices: for a 4-bedroom apartment, University District has $2250; Roxhill for a 3-bedroom at $1745; $1399 for a 2-bedroom at Bitter Lake; at Roosevelt is $1063 for a 1-bedroom apartment; and $750 at Greenwood for studio type. You might want to check on these neighborhoods first if you are looking to save from rents.

Undeniably, Seattle is among the best places to live in the United States for being environmentally friendly and for offering above-average income for residents. Despite the high cost of living, you’ll still enjoy all the perks that this big city can offer because of many open doors for great opportunities.

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