How to install facade panels?

When choosing a facing material for the exterior walls of the house, some buyers think about aesthetic parameters. Others approach this question differently, they are looking for a strong material that is convenient for installation. Facade panels will help to satisfy all these requests. You can match them to any design of the house, as you will find various types of facade panels on sale.

What are facade panels?

These panels are made of polyvinyl chloride and fiber cement. They attract buyers among others with their beautiful appearance, quality and ease of installation. Many people compare them with siding, but although these coatings are made on the basis of the same materials, the facade plates are thicker and stronger. Facade panels are easily mounted, you can leave a space between the wall and the cladding, in which the insulation is placed. Installation can be done all year round.

Modern technologies make it possible to make the cladding of external walls completely close to the original. Let’s analyze the types of facade panels:

  • Under the brick. This is a believable imitation of brick. You can choose slabs of various colors and textures. The sophisticated facade of a country house can be made of slabs in the form of aged bricks. They decorate the house, have an affordable cost and are completely harmless. During the operation of the house, no additional care for the facade is required.
  • Under a stone. Stone panels are much cheaper than stone tiles, but they also look good. This material is resistant to changes in temperature and moisture, and visually it is indistinguishable from stone masonry. Thanks to the beveled hidden edges of the plates, the seams between them are invisible.
  • Under the tree. Fibre-cement panels depicting the texture of a tree are devoid of all the disadvantages of wooden cladding. They will never blacken, crack, or have insects.

How to make a crate?

To fasten the panels, a wooden or metal crate is made to form a flat surface. The slats are arranged with a step that corresponds to the size of the plate.

Galvanized steel profiles are used for the metal crate. Wooden slats are treated with protective compounds. When attaching the crate to the concrete walls, you will need a perforator. Fasten the crate start from the corner of the house, checking the level of equality.

How to calculate the number of panels?

In order to independently calculate the required number of panels, you must measure the area you are going to cover. Make a schematic drawing of the house and write all the dimensions on it. After measurements, it will be easier to calculate the required amount of material. Do not forget to subtract all holes and add a margin of 15% of the material.

Many vinyl siding installers offer special calculators that can be used to immediately calculate the quantity and price. You should not save on these long-term and high-quality products, because facade panels are much cheaper than their counterparts.

Installation of facade panels

Panels are attached from top to bottom from left to right. Begin the installation of the second row only after the first row has been completely fixed around the entire perimeter and leave a small gap to allow for the expansion of the material and avoid its deformation. Fasten the panel itself with self-tapping screws to the grating in at least three places. Leave a gap of 1 mm between the self-tapping screw and the material. If the last row requires trimming the material, do it as carefully as possible so as not to damage the protective coating.

Panels will make your house more attractive and more reliable, will get rid of problems with crumbling plaster and burnt paint. Stores will offer types of facade panels that will suit you in terms of cost and will appeal to you from the outside.

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