All You Need to Know About Affiliate Program by KuCoin

KuCoin is a crypto exchange company and a one-stop solution for crypto dealers all needs. Besides trading digital assets like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Terra Classic USD (USTC) and NFTs, this platform also offers its users to earn using the platform through this new ‘Affiliate Program’ that they have launched.

KuCoin Affiliate Program:

KuCoin Affiliate Program is a new initiative taken by the famous crypto exchange KuCoin, that enables people, who have audiences and communities, to earn by introducing their audiences to the services of KuCoin. Every member of this program is given a unique referral link that they may give out to their audience or in their community. This link redirects the user to the homepage of KuCoin. Whenever an invitee goes through this link to sign up for the platform or does any trade, Spot, Futures, or Margin Tradings, the affiliate earns some percentage of the trade, which may go up to 45% of the trade value. You could join this affiliate program as well to get extra earnings and saving on your crypto taxes.

Eligibility Criteria:

Social media influencers like bloggers, content creators, writers, and cryptocurrency community leaders with a social media account with followers of more than 5,000 or a community with more than 500 people are eligible to apply for this program. 

Method of Joining the KuCoin Affiliate Program:

Step 1:

Fill out the form available on the KuCoin website to register for the KuCoin Affiliate Program. From there on, their team will assess the form and the strength of the candidate’s influence on their community and audience. 

Step 2:

After getting approved in the first step, the candidate gets the unique referral link they spread in their community and on various platforms.

Step 3:

Whenever an invitee signs up or trades from a KuCoin account and is redirected through the promotion link, the candidate (now an affiliate) will receive a commission of up to 45% of the invitees’ trades.

How Long Can The Affiliate Enjoy the Commission?

Affiliate commissions of every invitees’ trades are valid for 12 months, starting from the official registration date. After that specific time, the trades of the invitee will no longer generate commissions for the affiliate.

Commission Schemes:

  1. Direct Affiliate Commission:

The total commission is calculated by the completed trades of the invitees and is paid every Wednesday to the affiliates. There are two levels on which an affiliate can stand. 

  • Level 1: commission percentage 40%
  • Level 2: commission percentage 45%
  1. Indirect Sub-Affiliate Commission:

In this program, if an affiliate invites a person who invited another person, so the initial affiliate becomes the sub-affiliate, and they earn 5% of all the trades done by the third person. The commission isn’t deducted from the main affiliate’s commission, though. The main affiliate earns 40& or 45% according to their Affiliate Level.

Affiliate Level Promotion Assessment:

There is an exam that is held 4 times a year. The scores of this exam decide the promotion or demotion of the levels of affiliates. 

If the Affiliates invite at least 100 new registered users every four months, of which at least 20 of the invitees make full trades, the affiliate gets promoted to Level 2. If a Level 2 Affiliate fails this criterion, their level gets demoted to Level 1 until the next exam arrives in the next four months.

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