How To Create a Kitchen Interior In a Modern Style For A Large Family

Often the kitchen is one of the main places in the house. It is where family dinners are prepared, gatherings for holidays, chatting with friends, etc. Therefore, the question of creating a functional, comfortable and beautiful space in the kitchen is relevant for each of us.

Choosing the location for the kitchen and what size is best to make it

One of the important tasks when developing the interior design of an apartment is the choice of a room for the kitchen. It is possible to determine the appropriate position of the kitchen based on a detailed analysis of the following factors:

  • the number of members of your family who permanently live in this apartment;
  • how often you plan to cook (although we noticed that if you make the kitchen really cool, even those who have never approached the stove before will want to cook in it);
  • if you cook, how do you like to do it: sitting or standing, etc.;
  • how often do you receive guests;
  • do you like to cook alone, in the company of friends or in the company of a loved one.

The entire future project of the kitchen consists of the answers to these questions: what size room will be allocated for it, what equipment will it need to be equipped with, what size and what shape is better to put a table in it, etc.

Only after that, together with a specialist (we recommend working with a specialist, as this will save you from mistakes in planning, which will later cause unnecessary costs and inconvenience in operation), you can proceed to the development of a plan for your future kitchen.

We specialize in creating interiors in a modern style . One of its important characteristics is the maximally open spaces, in which it is easy to breathe and there is a lot of light.

Therefore, in our projects, we often combine the kitchen, dining room and living room areas. In this way, a comfortable and large space is obtained, in which the whole family can easily be accommodated.

In addition, the placement of the kitchen in the apartment is affected by legislative norms. The main space of the kitchen (hobs, sink, etc.) should be located according to the BTI plan.

If we are talking to you about a private house, then it is better to predict the location of the kitchen at the stage of designing the house, in order to properly think about its distance from sewage outlets and water risers.

Which layout is better to choose: pros and cons

Kitchens are straight, corner, U-shaped, corridor-type (with this layout, the cabinets are located opposite each other), kitchens with an island.

The choice of future planning is based on the size of your kitchen and the shape of the room you have chosen for the kitchen.

It makes sense to choose a kitchen with an island if, while cooking, you like to watch the children playing in the living room or chat with friends or your loved one.

Of course, when choosing such a solution, you need to consider whether you have enough space to place the island and make it convenient for you to move around.

If you have a small room, it is better to choose a direct layout for the kitchen. Then the main kitchen area will be located along the wall, which will free up other space.

U-shaped and L-shaped kitchen options are suitable for elongated and large rooms. Such layouts are suitable for those of you who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, like to cook, and therefore want to have a long table with a lot of different cooking appliances, or if you like to cook more than alone.

How to calculate the required number of places for storing things

Sufficient storage space is needed not only for a large family. Even more seriously, the calculation of places for storing things is suitable if the kitchen is small. After all, we all know that the size of the kitchen does not reduce the number of appliances that we and our customers want to see in the kitchen.

Since today we are talking with you about the kitchen in a modern style, it is necessary to take into account the fact that such an interior requires free space .

Salvage in such a situation is built-in storage systems. When you have all the equipment built into a furniture set and combined with built-in hidden cabinets, space is freed up, the space necessary for the intended interior style appears.

We recommend considering such hidden and built-in storage systems at the stage of developing a planning solution. For such furniture, special wall treatment and placement of special furniture fasteners are required.

In order not to make a mistake with the number of places to store things, look at what you currently have in the kitchen, what you will need in the new kitchen, what you want to equip the new one with.

What is better to choose: a bar counter or a table?

A bar counter in the kitchen, as a rule, is relevant when you are used to only having a quick snack at home, but you mostly choose food outside the home, in cafes and restaurants.

If you like to gather at the table with the whole family and arrange large feasts with friends, then a large dining table is simply necessary for you. The size of the table is easily determined by the number of members of your family and the number of guests you plan to host.

If the space and dimensions of your kitchen allow it, then you can afford both of these options: use the bar counter for quick breakfasts and cozy gatherings over a glass of wine with your loved ones, and a large table for large family dinners.

What is the best way to place sockets and electrical appliances? The choice of lighting for the kitchen.

Working on the projects of apartments and houses for more than a year, we noticed that the largest number of electrical appliances is located in the kitchen. For each of them, it is necessary to provide an appropriate power outlet.

In order for you not to have any difficulties with this issue, we recommend that when choosing a kitchen, if you order it from some company, ask for a special memo, which should describe how best to place the sockets for this model.

In addition to such a standard set of sockets, such as connecting a stove (if you have an electric one), a dishwasher, etc., you must also take into account your personal wishes.

For example, if you have a large kitchen and you often cook more than alone, then it will be logical to provide several outlets for connecting a mixer, steamer, coffee grinder, etc. at the same time.

In addition, think about what else you do in the kitchen, what other additional equipment you use now or plan to use in the future: if you like to cook some new dishes from videos, then you need to provide in the kitchen not only an outlet for connecting your tablet or phone, but also a convenient dry and safe place so that your devices do not end up covered in sauce or in dough during cooking.

Kitchen lighting . Apparently, this issue requires particularly careful processing, because it should be not only comfortable for cooking, but also safe. We recommend contacting specialists so that in the future you can simply enter your kitchen, turn on the light and start creating culinary masterpieces, without worrying about the fact that it is difficult for you to find flour in the depths of the cupboard. After all, if you approach this question correctly, then in such lockers you can provide lighting that will work when opened.

In the dining area , it will be logical to provide a chandelier or special directional lamps so that you, your family and guests are comfortable.

We recommend that you pay attention to the color of the kitchen light: above the dining area or near the bar, warm, cozy lighting tones will be appropriate, it is more convenient to place brighter light in the cooking area.

How much can a modern kitchen cost?

The cost of the kitchen consists of the materials you plan to use, the fittings and the brand of the furniture manufacturer. Therefore, prices can be very different.

We advise you to order accessories from European manufacturers. Yes, at first it will cost a little more than a domestic one, but it will serve you longer, which means that such an investment is more profitable.

As for kitchen facades and frames, there are many options (arranged from least expensive to most expensive):

  1. Laminated facades and kitchen frames made of chipboard.
  2. Combined options: the facade of the kitchen is made of MDF, and the frame is made of chipboard.
  3. Facades and frames made of MDF.
  4. Solid wood kitchens.

In addition, the price of the sacramento kitchen remodeling depends on the country of manufacture. So, for example, Ukrainian kitchens will be much cheaper than European ones. At the same time, Ukrainian kitchens are often of excellent quality, made with the use of high-quality European fittings in compliance with the latest fashion trends and technical capabilities.

In this case, we recommend that you carefully study the work of kitchen factories, look at reviews, projects implemented by them and, based on this analysis, make the right choice.

Therefore, the cost of a modern kitchen of the same shape and size varies greatly from tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands of hryvnias.

What finishing materials are better to use for the kitchen

We are talking about the kitchen in a modern style. Therefore, when choosing a color range, we recommend giving preference to monochromatic finishing of homogeneous surfaces.

If you want the combined area of ​​the kitchen-dining-living room to be finished in the same way, it makes sense to choose an engineered board or parquet as a floor covering.

But remember that when choosing such a coating, you will need to avoid flooding the floor with water in order to preserve the quality and appearance of your beautiful floor.

A more functional and convenient option for the kitchen floor is porcelain stoneware, poured floor or certain types of ceramics. Such a floor is easier to wash and it will also be convenient for the cooking area.

In many of our projects, we combine both options described above: in the cooking area, we use one type of floor covering that is easy to wash and safe from water getting on it, and in the dining room and living room, we cover the floor with cozy parquet.

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