4 Kid-Friendly TV Channels Every Parent Should Know About

Given that parents these days have little to no control over what content their children are getting exposed to, parenting becomes a balancing act that requires meticulous mastery. Parents, more often than not, find themselves shielding their kids from the realities of the world, and while they may think that they are protecting their kids by doing that, oftentimes it can cause more harm than good. But that doesn’t mean that ‌kids should be overexposed to things that happen around the world as that may also lead to some disastrous ramifications. This is why, as a parent, you need to understand what will benefit your child and what won’t.

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As it is said by most parents, television is a problematic source of entertainment for kids. But if viewed under proper parental guidance, it can also be very educational and engaging for the kids. Given that, ‌ parents must be aware that which channels are appropriate for the kids and what type of content is being aired on them. For that, we have compiled a list of kid-friendly channels that every parent should know about.

Animal Planet

According to Wothappen This channel has been an all-time favorite for people of all ages, but its content mostly engages animal lovers and kids. It shows larger-than-life, amazing graphics of ‌wildlife while simultaneously teaching children about nature, animal life, and the environment. The network, for the most part, airs documentaries and series about domestic pets and wild animals.

Animal Planet favors educational programming and its recent additions of series like Orangutan Island and Meerkat Manor highlights its shift towards more immersive storytelling and predation programming.

Disney Channel

When it comes to entertaining and age-appropriate content for kids, Disney definitely knows how to do it right. From Kim Perfect to Mickey Clubhouse, these animated series are perfect for keeping kids under the age of 10 engaged. The Lion Guard, a spin-off series from the popular animated movie Lion King has likewise captivated both old and young fans. There are many series on this channel that both you and your kid will enjoy watching together.

Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is one of the top channels for educational programming – be it a fun show based on culture or food, or a documentary narrating a completely mesmerizing look into life, you can find a lot of educational and creative content on this TV network.

Previously, the network focused on airing content that centered on technology, history, and popular sciences but since the last ten years, it has shifted its focus towards pseudo-scientific entertainment and reality television.

The occupational entertainment provided via series like Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs to speculative investigation series like Best Evidence, MythBusters, and Unsolved History – the Discovery channel offers a wide array of educational content best for kids of all ages.


For the longest time, Nickelodeon has been one of the most iconic and popular kids’ TV channels around the world. It was the first cable channel whose content focused on entertaining children. Its animated series, The Loud House, Middlemost Post, The Casagrandes, Rugrats, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Patrick Star Shows have been the highlight of the network and are loved by audiences of all ages.

Although some of Nickelodeon’s programming block targets a broader family audience, most of its content is primarily aimed at children aged 2–17.

Wrapping Up

It ‌can be a slightly hard task to accomplish when it comes to entertaining the kids. The above-mentioned are some television networks that ‌will help parents do just that, without having to worry about what kind of content the kids are consuming. You can access some of these channels via Spectrum TV Services. All you need to do is call Spectrum TV Customer Service and subscribe to a TV plan of your choice.

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