Catte HI88 – Guide to Playing the Most Attractive Card Game 2023

Catte HI88 is a great choice for red and black believers who are looking for a new and more interesting experience. Because, this game has quite special rules and comes with a huge payout. In the article below, we will provide rookies with instructions to play Catte game at the HI88 house.

What is Catte HI88?

Catte is a card game that originated in India and has only been introduced to our country for a few years now. Realizing the growing demand for this game experience, Nhà cái Hi88 has cooperated with major publishers to create an online version of the game. Thanks to this, you will be able to freely compete with opponents and receive super rewards wherever you are, at any time.

What is Catte HI88?

Basically, Catte HI88 is a type of card game, so it will bring a very dramatic and stimulating atmosphere to participants. Each standard hand will consist of 2 – 6 people. Our main task is to gain an advantage over the opponent in the first rounds to move on to the last 2 rounds. If you win, you will have the opportunity to earn extremely “quality” profits.

Some basic terms when playing Catte at HI88

To better understand the game Catte, you need to understand a few common terms when playing the game. At that time, we will minimize all mistakes and also be more confident when facing opponents.

Some basic terms when playing Catte at HI88

  • Cards: The cards are turned face down by the player after each round.
  • Survive: The cards with the highest value in the previous round are kept until the next round.
  • Defeat: The term refers to a player whose cards are face-down in 4 consecutive games when playing Catte HI88.
  • Victory: The player takes down the strongest card and can block all the remaining opponents.
  • Win white: In case you own special card links to be considered to win at the beginning of the game.
  • Chapter: Reveal to show only the cards that appear in the 5th Catte round.

Sharing basic Catte game rules for rookies

When participating in Catte HI88, you need to know a few basic rules of the game, such as the rules of white eating, falling,… Here, we will explain in more detail to players about these rules. .

The Law of Obedience

There are two types of defeats in Catte that are individual and total. The first case is that in the table there are some people face down 4 times in a row, but there are still at least 2 people participating. At this time, those who break the law will be double fined and this amount will go to whoever wins.

And the whole defeat in Catte HI88 means that there is only 1 person left in the table who does not fall. At that time, this person will always win and receive a bonus calculated according to the following formula: Loss of all losers x the original specified loss points.

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The law of eating white

As introduced, if a player owns some special card links, they will be entitled to white, which means they are considered to win. Here, we will reveal to you the sets in descending order of priority:

  • Four of a kind: 4 cards of the same number.
  • 6 soldiers of the same quality.
  • 5 pieces are less than 6.

All these cases when playing Catte HI88 will receive double the bonus compared to the original bet. If more than one person has the same suit, we first compare the highest value card and then the suit.

Instructions on how to play Catte in detail through each stage

How to play Catte will be divided into two stages that are the first 4 rounds and the last 2 rounds. Not to let you wait long, soon we will provide detailed instructions from A – Z.

Instructions on how to play Catte in detail through each stage

First 4 rounds

To start a round of Catte HI88, each player will need to bet an amount and receive 6 cards randomly. Next, the first player will play down any 1 card. The 2nd player must then block the card by taking down a card of the same suit but of a greater value. Otherwise, we will have to face 1 card down and discard the turn. A hand will face like that in a counter-clockwise direction.

If someone plays and no one can stop them, they are considered spare and are allowed to start the next round. After 4 rounds, whoever is defeated will be punished according to the regulations. However, in the event that there is only 1 player remaining with the remaining cards, that person will be considered to have won and does not need to enter the following rounds.

Last 2 rounds in Catte HI88

In Catte, if after 4 rounds that 2 or more people have a dead hand, the 5th and 6th games will be played. At that time, the person who has just won the 4th game will open 1 card and keep the rest of the cards hidden. Competitors will be entitled to take one of two actions:

  • If there is a larger card of the same suit, you play down to win the right to make a chapter.
  • If there are no cards to block, you also play down 1 card and keep 1 card for comparison.

In the final round, all the remaining players will compare cards with the chapter holder. Whoever has the bigger card and the same suit wins.

In the above article, we have introduced to you how to play Catte HI88 The most complete for newbies. If you want to experience this fascinating game, register to join the HI88 bookie today.

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