Top Best 10 PC software Download for Free

If you are looking for some of the best and most essential software for your PC, then you must consider the below ones. That is because that software will help you with the everyday tasks that you need to do on your PC. So, you must get them.

10 Essential Software for PC

These are the essential software for your PC:

1. Dropbox Basic

It is one of the most useful software for your PC. Here, you just have to put files in your Dropbox folder on the desktop, and they are uploaded to the cloud and synchronized with any other PC on the account. Files are also accessible via apps or the web.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

It is the most flexible and all-encompassing sync and backup tool going. It’s the official cloud storage for users of Microsoft Office and Windows 10. Now, it includes 5GB of free online storage.

3. Mozilla Firefox

It is one of the great web browsers. However, it is a venerable browser; Firefox remains our Editors’ Choice. That’s because it’s highly customizable, strong on security, privacy, and performance, and supports a slew of new standards.

4. Google Chrome

It is a fact that Chrome still ranks high as a browser to keep in your arsenal. Especially if you’re a devotee of Google products—and it’s built right into Chrome OS on Chromebooks, so it practically is the OS.

5. CCleaner Free

The CCleaner deletes extraneous files that gunk up the OS and browsers. Get it and run it regularly. It’ll even delete some apps you didn’t think you could get rid of.

6. Defraggler

Do you know defragmenting a hard disk has become a little old in the age of terabyte drives? But it’s still a smart thing to do to eke out a little more data-access speed. Now, this software’s interface makes it brain-dead simple to do.

7. Skype

Skype is identical to video conferencing. There’s a reason our Editors’ Choice review says Skype, now run by Microsoft, is “a highly polished, hugely functional service that runs on every platform you can think of and offers more communication options than any of its competitors.”

8. Kindle

It is practically the de facto reader for ebooks these days; the Kindle brand is more than just hardware—it extends to apps and programs for reading ebooks. Start the book on any device, continue it elsewhere—the Kindle WhisperSync feature knows where you stopped reading.

9. Gmail

It is an ultra-popular option for individuals and businesses alike; Gmail sports a clean interface and works with a lot, if not all, third-party email apps you can imagine.

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

At the time, you don’t need the full strength of Photoshop but still want Adobe in your arsenal; the low-end, consumer-oriented Express is there to help you with the basics of image editing.

Final Words

These are the best software for your PC that you must get so that you can do your tasks efficiently. These are free to use as well.

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