The super hot Jili fish shooting slot game is now available at New88

Jili fish shooting slot game, a recently released slot game, has quickly attracted a significant number of players. To play this game more effectively, it is important to understand the advantages of playing. Please follow the following article from New88 For more information about Jili fish shooting right here
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Introducing the Jili fish shooting game slot

Jili fish shooting game slot has a simple and familiar design, similar to traditional fish shooting games. With stunning graphics, captivating visuals, and vivid sound effects, this game has attracted the attention of countless players. As a fish hunter, the player will use his gun to shoot various types of fish displayed on the game screen. Depending on the type of fish, the number of hits and the player’s initial bet, each fish will give the player a corresponding bonus amount.

Jili fish shooting game slot is a game that combines fish shooting and slot machine, giving players a feeling of excitement and suspense. The game has sharp graphics, vivid sound, and many special features. In addition, players can also spin the pot to receive lucky symbols, such as fruit, number 7, diamond, gold… These symbols can create winning lines, increasing the ability to multiply money. place a bet. If lucky, players can win the jackpot, which is the biggest prize of the game.

Review of Jili fish shooting game slot at bookmaker New88

Having appeared on the market for a long time, Jili fish shooting game still has not lost its popularity. Let’s learn about the great advantages of playing here:

Diverse and attractive game versions

Jil fish shooting game slot has many different versions, each version has its own theme and way of playing. For example, the Twin Wins version has a theme about couples, such as cat and mouse, fox and chicken, dragon and phoenix… Players can spin the pot to search for these couples, and if they spin two similar symbols, next to each other, you will receive a free spin.

  • Diverse versions with themes about: Ancient Egypt, with symbols such as pyramids, eyes of Horus, King Tutankhamun… Players can spin the pot to discover hidden treasures, and if they spin three symbols pyramid, will enter the bonus round, where one of three mausoleums can be chosen to receive a bonus.
  • Money Coming version has a money theme, with symbols such as coins, banknotes, contracts, safes… Players can spin the pot to collect these symbols, and if they spin three safe symbols iron, will trigger the Money Coming feature, where the pot can be continuously spun to receive random bonuses.

Just play fish shooting and play slots to win huge prizes

Jili fish shooting game is not only about spinning the pot, but also about shooting fish. Players can switch between the two game modes at any time. When playing fish shooting, the player will be provided with a gun, which can adjust the shooting angle and force.

Players can shoot at fish swimming on the screen to receive bonus points corresponding to the value of that fish. There are many different types of guns, which can be upgraded to increase power and accuracy. From small fish like goldfish, carp, to large fish like sharks, whales, from common fish like perch, catfish, to rare fish.

Beautiful, realistic 3D interface

The fish shooting game has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, making it easy for players to learn and participate in the games. New88 is designed in a modern and sophisticated style, bringing a sense of professionalism and class to players.
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Jili fish shooting slot game is easy to play and easy to win

Jili fish shooting also has many special features, helping to increase players’ chances of winning big. The Wild feature, for example, will substitute for any other symbol for easy hits:

Jili fish shooting slot game is easy to play and easy to win

  • Scatter feature, which will generate random bonuses when appearing on the screen.
  • Free Spin feature, which will allow players to spin the pot for free a certain number of times.
  • The Bonus feature, will take players into another round of play where they can receive many attractive rewards.
  • Jackpot feature, which will be the biggest prize of the game, can reach billions of dong.
  • Multiplier feature, which will multiply the player’s winnings a certain number of times.
  • The Gamble feature will allow players to gamble back their winnings, possibly doubling them or losing them all.

Jili fish shooting game slot is a unique and attractive entertainment game, loved and trusted by many players. The game has many versions, many themes, many features, and many opportunities to win big. Come experience this super hot fish shooting game now Bookmaker New88 today!

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