How to Set Up Poultry Lights in a Broiler House

A broiler house or poultry house is a room where chickens are raised until they reach their final body weight. Hontech Wins offers poultry lights that are helpful for poultry growth. In this article, you will find tips on how to create poultry lights in your broiler house.

Introduction to Poultry Lighting

When raising poultry, proper lighting is critical to healthy poultry. Not only does good lighting help promote a healthy environment, but it also helps increase poultry production.

How to Install Poultry Lights

Poultry lights are an essential part of any broiler operation. Without proper lighting, your poultry won’t be able to produce the quality meat you want. Installing poultry lights in your broiler house is a simple process that can help increase your poultry production. Here are four tips for installing poultry lights:

  1. Choose the right light for your broiler house

When choosing lights for your broiler house, it is important to consider the size and layout of the room. Different lamps are designed for specific purposes, such as raising chicks or producing high-quality chicken breasts. Make sure to choose the correct type of light fixture for your broiler operation.

  1. Correct installation of poultry lights

Installation of poultry lights should follow a few simple guidelines to ensure proper function and safety. First, make sure the lights are mounted horizontally on the roof of the broiler house. Second, make sure your lights have the right wattage for your chickens’ needs. For example, larger poultry require more power than smaller poultry.

Also, use a wire hanger or bracket to mount the light near a power outlet so you can easily plug it in. Also, make sure each light fixture has its separate wire connection so that there is no loss of power if one of the lights goes out. Finally, cover each lamp with wire mesh.


If you are in the poultry industry and looking to increase production, then you will want to consider adding lights to your broiler house. If you are unfamiliar with how to install lights in a broiler house or would like some advice on choosing the type of light that best suits your needs, please contact the experts at Hontech Wins.

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