Hontech Wins: a Supplier for Swine lighting

When you have a large-scale pig farm, it can be difficult to control the lights. Many factors come into play when planning a lighting system for a hog barn, which is why this article provides essential information about swine lighting.

About Hontech Wins

Our experience in agricultural lighting since 2000, combined with our research into pig lighting has convinced us of the fact that lighting is of significant importance in a pig house. Our good lighting improves both animal and farmer well-being in multiple ways.

Pig well-being

Pig vision differs from human vision. This means that the light climate should be adapted accordingly. A correct light climate enables pigs to see better. When they see better they feel and eventually perform better. Besides that, light is also able to directly stimulate pig welfare and performance.

It’s important to note that pigs have different lighting needs in every stage of the production cycle.

Farmer well-being

Proper lighting benefits both pig welfare and performances and eventually farm performances. This surely makes life better for a pig farmer. However, lighting has proven to be of value in more ways.

Durable lighting is very important in a pig house. High-quality lighting that is specially designed to withstand the harsh environments in pig houses will last a lot longer than normal lighting. It’s also way easier to clean. Result: a lower workload, reduced replacement costs, less downtime, and thus better farm results.


The agricultural lights from Hontech Wins can play an important role for a farm. By understanding what type of light is best suited for your operation, you can optimize your production while ensuring that the animals are comfortable and healthy. I hope that this information will help you make informed choices as you plan your next agricultural lighting project!

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